About us

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Julie Frey. I am the owner of Long Life Therapeutics, where we offer sports/medical massage, and functional fitness. It is my passion to help individuals of all ages how to achieve a pain free lifestyle and achieve optimal performance in the sport of life through health and wellness.

In 1998 I graduated from Florida College of Natural Health, with an advanced degree in massage therapy. This is where my journey into understanding the true meaning of preventative health care began. I learned the basic principles of Massage therapy and went on to learn advanced techniques. Through my advanced training I learned techniques that allowed me to reduce or even eliminate chronic pains and injuries. I was also given the opportunity to intern at the University of Miami working with athletes of all types. It was at that moment that I knew that I have found my passion and direction in my life.

After graduation I went on to pursue my career in massage therapy and landed a job working with a chiropractor for several years prior to moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Upon moving to Atlanta I began working with another chiropractor as I found my way in the city I now call home. I have gained experience and knowledge through my places of employment, but over eight years ago made the decision to fulfill my dream of owning my own massage therapy practice.

When I opened Long Life Therapeutics I had no idea how impactful this journey was about to be, but as I learned more my dream became bigger and knew that the services that I had to offer would make a difference in many individuals lives, so I will continue to grow Long Life Therapeutics. It is my mission to give people the necessary tools to apply a lifestyle of health and wellness, helping to grow the passion within them. Massage therapy offers much more than relaxation. It is a necessity, whether it’s the athlete who needs to recover and receive nutrients to the muscle to enhance performance, the person who sits at a desk and suffers from low back pain, or for your everyday person who endures a large amount of stress on a daily basis.

Through the last eighteen years I have been involved in community events to help support charities, such as the breast cancer awareness, diabetes walks, women’s shelters, KARMA project, wheelchair basketball, to name a few. I have also volunteered in working with children in sports, such as track and football. I would perform pre/post sports massage, as well as help to get them recovered quickly through an injury.

Through my experience in working with professional athletes, children, and elderly, I have gained a true understanding of the body and one’s needs on an individual basis. It is my goal to continue to learn new techniques and up to date information to continue to be knowledgeable in my field. My passion to make a difference in people’s lives is what drives me to continue to reach for the top. It is my hope that Long Life Therapeutics will be the beginning of impacting the health and longevity in the lives of many!