Massage Techniques

Types of Massage Techniques

Myofascial Muscle/Fascia/Band

This technique is a non-invasive yet effective way to promote healing and relieve pain. This technique is a tender mix of stretches and massage strokes that release the tension and free constrictions from your muscles. This massage is beneficial to all types, but especially for those who suffer from emotional stress, physical injuries, and poor posture. Myofascial is a balancing technique for the entire body.

Deep Tissue

This technique focuses more specifically on the functions of both mechanical and reflexive connective tissue. The muscles and connective tissue are deeply manipulated to relieve chronic symptoms.

Athletic Massage

A tailored application of various massage techniques (including the above) in combination with range of motion and flexibility protocols. Together with techniques for pre-/post-event and maintenance, we support athletes in increasing athletic performance, speeding up muscle recovery, accelerating healing after an injury, and preventing injuries.

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Neuro-Muscular (Nerve-Muscle)/Trigger-Point Therapy

These techniques manipulate muscles, tendons, and connective tissues to bring balance to the central nervous system. When there is restriction in the muscles, the nerves are often unable to signal properly, which leads to pain, weakness, and muscle compensation. Alternating levels of concentrated pressure are applied to the areas of specific muscle pain to help release the muscles and allow for proper transmission of the nerves. In addition, Trigger point therapy aids in breaking up adhesions (small painful lumps) in restricted muscles and resolving the referred pain that they often trigger elsewhere in the body.

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Pregnancy Massage

This massage will help to make this special time in your life a little more comfortable, by enhancing your circulation and reducing aches and pains that are associated with pregnancy. Benefits include reduced swelling, a strengthened immune system, and aid in the reduction of labor pains. For your comfort, you will be placed in a side-lying position, propped up with pillows for added support.

Chair Massage

Massage in the work place can have a big impact. Studies have shown that massage in the work place enhances employees’ performance and reduces on-the-job stress. Chair massage is a convenient way to help achieve those goals. It is designed to allow you to sit comfortably in a portable chair that we can set up in just minutes, giving us the ability to massage the high-tension areas such as necks, shoulders, and upper backs. It is also a popular amenity for parties and events.