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Julie Frey serves as the President and Founder of Long Life Therapeutics, currently  serving South Florida. Boasting over two decades of experience in massage therapy and holistic recovery for improved well-being, Julie's journey in the field is both extensive and profound.

Julie's career commenced by working alongside a chiropractor for several years, eventually leading her to Atlanta, Georgia and now back to her home state of Florida. After gaining valuable experience as an employed Massage Therapist, she decided to fulfill her lifelong aspiration of owning her massage therapy practice.

Her unwavering dedication to wellness equips individuals with the essential tools to embrace a health-focused and well-rounded lifestyle, facilitating their personal growth and empowerment. Julie firmly believes that massage therapy transcends the boundaries of relaxation, serving as a vital resource for athletes and active adults seeking recovery and performance enhancement. Furthermore, it offers solace to those grappling with lower back pain resulting from long hours at a desk and extends its healing benefits to everyday individuals coping with high levels of daily stress.


Our mission is to become an internationally known company that provides athletes and active adults with fundamental skills, teaching body mechanics, assist in longevity, keeping them competitive in their sport, while improving their overall health; thus leading to extended athletic careers and an enriched quality of life. 

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    Corporate Wellness Programs available for sedentary careers.

    A series of mobility techniques, self-release strategies, and functional movements that help to increase flexibility and strength to reduce chronic pain. 
    This leads to more productivity, less time off, and increased moral/energy/happiness/creativity/clarity of thought which leads to an overall better work life balance.

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    We provide professional services for Athletes and Active Adults

    With many years experience in working with athletes of all skill levels we have provided recovery, injury prevention, and increased sports performance for many. Recovery being one of the most needed for an athletes body, we pride ourselves in being able to aid them in their recovery as well as teach them how to recover their bodies on and off the field. 

not in town? schedule an online consultation today!

not in town? schedule an online consultation today!

We are located in Atlanta, but you don't have to be. We offer online trainings that teach you how to manage your chronic pain in the comfort of your home. Our online trainings are done via zoom or FaceTime, while we walk you through functional movements, mobility exercises, and self-release techniques. We are not able to diagnose, but through careful watch of your biomechanics and a detailed description of your pain we will be able to help you understand your pain and get back to the things you love doing.

What Our clients Say

Here is what our clients have to say about our services and how we have helped them stay in the game of life!

What Our clients Say

Julie has helped me eliminate pain in my shoulder/arm, hips and feet. She is excellent at finding where the pain is coming from and eliminating it.

Tracy S.


Julie always takes the time to listen to what areas need work or attention before she begins her therapy. She is a true professional

Bill L.


Julie has a keen eye on how your body moves and what adjustments are needed for you to get the most out of an exercise .

Cindy J.


How we get long lasting results

With the implementation of our practical experience, we have been able to reduce or even eliminate the pain of individuals who have suffered from ailments such as chronic neck, shoulder, and low back pain to more serious conditions corresponding to carpal tunnel, nerve impingement, pre and post surgeries just to name a few. Through these proficiencies we have gained an innate awareness of pain patterns, postural deviations, and repetitive use patterns. 

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