Julie Frey LMT President and Founder

Julie Frey is the President and Founder of Long Life Therapeutics, our current office is located in Atlanta, Georgia. She has over 20 years of experience in massage therapy and total recovery for better health.

Julie began her career working with a chiropractor for several years before moving to Atlanta, Georgia. After working as a Massage Therapist as an employee, she decided to fulfill her dream of owning her massage therapy practice.

Her passion for wellness gives people the necessary tools to apply a health and wellness lifestyle, helping to grow their power. Massage therapy offers much more than relaxation. Massage therapy is necessary for the athlete or active adult who needs to recover and to enhance performance, the person who sits at a desk and suffers from low back pain, or for your everyday person who endures a large amount of stress daily.

Julie supports the local community by involvement in charities, breast cancer awareness; diabetes walks, women’s shelters, the KARMA project, wheelchair basketball, to name a few. She volunteers to work with children in sports, such as track and football. She performs pre/post sports massage and helps get them recovered quickly through an injury.

She has extensive experience working with professional athletes and has a proper understanding of the body and needs on an individual basis. She diligently seeks to continue to learn new techniques and up-to-date information to continue to be knowledgeable in her practice. Her sincere passion for making a difference in people’s lives and affecting the health and longevity in the lives of many!

Her academic achievements include receiving an Associate’s degree in Science Kinesiology and Health from Georgia State University, a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Georgia State University, and an advanced degree from Florida College of Natural Health. In addition, she is a Licensed Massage Therapist.

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